With all the major changes going on right now affecting our professional and personal lives, is it any wonder that living in a state of confusion seems to be the new norm?

If you are an employee, you may now be working from home and navigating through those challenges. If you’re a leader, you’re faced with that challenge not only for yourself, but also for your teams. If you’re a human resource leader, you probably feel like your head is spinning!

Human resources used to be the place you visited on your first day, spending hours filling out forms, signing documents, only for you to retain the “important stuff,” like: when is payday, how much vacation do I get, and when do my benefits start? These days, HR professionals need to be technology masters, mitigation specialists, psychologists, and legal consultants; they could spend all day trying to stay on top of, understand, and communicate legislation changes constantly being thrown at them.

We can’t change the fact that we are in a crisis. However, there is also an opportunity. An opportunity to lead differently than before and reinvent your process for the better.

Whether you’re a small company or a large company; whether you’re the CEO, the HR manager, or an employee in accounting; the common thread of success is communication. Having the right workplace technology in place is essential, now more than ever before. Hardware, software, infrastructure—all required. But what about the other day to day needs? You may be faced with the following questions:

-Where do I go to find answers?

-Is the system easy to navigate?

-What tasks are taking too long to complete?

-What questions are being asked repeatedly?

-What processes can I streamline?

-What am I still doing manually?

-What is falling through the cracks?

-What is my time worth?

Having the correct HRIS (Human Resource Information System) in place can help with all these questions. HR systems are not just for big companies. In fact, HR professionals in smaller companies tend to “wear more hats,” leaving them stretched thin and vulnerable to the unknown. If you’ve heard yourself say “there’s got to be a better way to do this,” it’s likely that there is, and an HRIS may be that solution.

The most important question to answer when considering technology is “what do I actually need as an organization?” “Big-box” systems have lots of “bells and whistles,” but they also come with big price tags and require time and staff members dedicated to maintaining them. And if you seemingly need a Ph.D. in HRIS to use it, or have no one to call when you need help, it is no longer the asset it was intended to be.

At Bond Benefits Consulting, we offer an HRIS product called Bond Total Access (BTA) powered by Employee Navigator. This mobile, cloud-based solution is used not only by Bond clients, but within our organization as well. BTA could be the solution for your organization if your answer is “yes” to even just a few of these questions:

-Do you dread managing Open Enrollment each year with all the rules, programing, and updates to the carriers?

-Do you need a simple and quick way to ensure compliance documents are given to employees?

-Does it take way too long to onboard a new hire; lots of paper forms to sign?

-Do you need a better way to manage Paid Time Off (PTO)?

-Do you need help with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

-Do you need better reporting tools, analytics, turnover, and benchmarking data?

-Do you need a way to communicate immediately with your entire organization?

-Do you need a tool that alerts you to employee changes?

-Do you need a system that can adapt to organizational changes such as acquisitions or mergers?

-Do you need a tool that is easy to use and has mobile access?

-Do you need a record of employees signing off on policies?

From a Customer Service standpoint:

-Do you want to ensure you have dedicated staff to call when you have questions, even after implementation is done?

-Do you want to ensure your staff will be trained on how to navigate the system?

-Do you want to make sure there are no hidden fees when you decide to implement a new feature? (e.g. PTO tracking or electronic onboarding)

Need help navigating the process? Feel free to reach out to us at info@bondbenefits.com or give us a call at 585-248-5870.  

When considering an HRIS, choose what’s best for your organization in the short and long term. Choose a product that everyone will use and understand. Choose one that brings value to the table. Choose one that simplifies your processes. Choose to work with a trusted partner. Let’s flatten this current “normal state of confusion” curve together.