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benefits blueprint

Risk & Reward

AP Bond will help you find the right solution to meet the needs of all stakeholders—employers and employees. The right solution is more than choosing a product or picking a price point. It requires a careful analysis of the risk.

Employer Risk

From the employer’s perspective, this means determining where you belong on the risk continuum. Moving from community-rated to experience-rated or self-funded means a shift in the risk from the insurance company to your organization. AP Bond will assist you in determining the right level of risk.

Employee Risk

Employees can also share in risk based on the products they choose and the products an employer makes available. With a rate increase at renewal, if an employer absorbs the cost or passes the increase on to the employees, all are treated equally. However, if the employer makes a plan change, or an employee elects a plan change, then the risk changes. If an employee moves from a copay plan to a high-deductible plan, they spend less in fixed costs (premiums) but may pay more in variable costs. They are picking up some risk and may spend less in total dollars if they have low variable costs, or more if their variable costs rise. AP Bond will assist employees in understanding and evaluating the risk exposure.

Consumer Directed Healthcare

As healthcare premiums continue to rise, consumer directed healthcare options, such as high-deductible health plans (HDHP) with HSAs or HRAs, are becoming increasingly popular. These options offer lower premiums, provide tax advantages and give consumers more control over how their healthcare dollars are spent.

Healthcare Exchanges

Healthcare reform dramatically changed the options available. AP Bond will provide assistance to employers and employees to determine the best course of action. We will evaluate the impact of penalties to employees and employers, consult on contribution strategies to ensure that your plans are affordable under the terms of PPACA and determine whether a traditional product or exchange product best meets your needs.

Strategic Affordability

Not all employees are grouped the same, and your benefits offerings shouldn’t be either. With our strategic affordability approach, we can help you determine which of your employees will benefit from employer-sponsored plans and set the others up with coverage through the NY State of Health. AP Bond can help you communicate the different offerings and then enroll your employees in the plan that is best for them.

Your Customized HCR Solutions Analysis from Bond will:

  • Identify potential liabilities and pitfalls through data analysis specific to your organization
  • Use custom analytics to determine the best Healthcare Solution and HR strategy
  • Quantify new cost drivers such as a required change in the definition of a full-time employee and change in eligibility period
  • Provide large group status determination, including an evaluation of common ownership exposure
  • Analyze “Play or Pay” scenarios which illustrate the cost of not providing coverage vs. various coverage options
  • Measure individual employee affordability and make recommendations to avoid or minimize associated penalties
  • Give an employee impact analysis to determine which employees could benefit from the Health Insurance Exchange and which employees would be worse off
  • Include a compliance checklist to help you do the right things at the right time to avoid unforeseen penalties