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benefits blueprint


Our comprehensive advocacy services will save your employees time, money and frustration.

With a deep understanding of the entire employee benefits spectrum and all stakeholders involved, our well-educated staff will go to bat for you as an advocate of your employees’ best interest. We’ve developed a track record of success and proven results thanks to a culture of caring and a sense of urgency to resolve issues that you will simply not find elsewhere. As an advocate, we’ll also educate your employees on any issues they may have surrounding their benefits.


AP Bond will provide a wallet sized card for each of your employees, with frequently asked questions and contact information to direct any questions they may have regarding their benefits.

Did you know?

  • The average medical insurance customer service issue requires 17 calls and 4.5 hours to resolve?
  • 1 in 5 claims are processed incorrectly?
  • $0.30 of every $1 billed is wasted on misdiagnoses?

As the above facts display, issues with claims, billing, healthcare plans, etc. can be very time consuming, confusing and expensive for all parties involved. Whether employees are turning to their HR departments for solutions or tackling these issues themselves, time addressing these issues means time away from the workplace. This valuable time, coupled with employee and employer confusion and frustration, has adverse effects on the productivity of your business. With a highly trained and experienced staff, AP Bond will advocate on behalf of both employers and employees to avoid these adverse effects, maintaining productivity for your business and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

We'll advocate on behalf of your employees, dealing with a variety of issues involving:

  • Health plans
  • Health care providers
  • Claims
  • Eligibility
  • Discrepancies with provider networks
  • Enrollment

We will also advocate on behalf of you, the employer, regarding:

  • Rate negotiations
  • Billing resolution
  • Plan design
  • Management of benefits

Administering employee benefits can be a very burdensome process on both the employer and employee. At AP Bond, we work for both parties and help alleviate the following issues:

Challenged to administer benefits efficiently and effectively; happered by ability to comply with HIPPA; lack of specialized knowledge; and lack of time.

Control Costs

  • Reduce the time HR spends on escalated issues
  • Lessen employees frustration, increasing productivity
  • Identify trends and modify coverage accordingly
  • Reduce noise that comes with distraction
  • Billing reconciliation
  • Decrease volatility

Maximize Value

  • Enhance employee appreciation of benefits - build teamwork - enhance culture
  • Help employees become better consumers
  • Assure the intended benefit
  • Productivity

Turns to the employer for help or leaves troubling issues unresolved.

Claims Advocacy

  • Operate within HIPPA guidelines - Locate a provider
  • Research and resolution of billing issues - Obtain referrals
  • Timely resolution - Appeal advocacy


  • Lost cards
  • Billing resolution

Coordination of Benefits

  • Medicare Assistance - Connecting resources
  • Spousal coverage - Coordinating voluntary benefits
  • Exchanges