The first step in building your Benefits Blueprint is formulating a Strategic Plan. After working with you to create and implement short- and long-term strategic goals, we set benchmarks to help measure progress and conduct regular re-evaluations to ensure that your direction is in line with your goals.

Review & Assessment
All of our projects begin with understanding the current offering; what exactly is being offered and to whom, why it was put in place, what are the pros and cons of maintaining these plans and when is the logical and/or necessary time to make changes. Once this framework has been established we review the available options and begin to discuss the "trade-offs" between these options.

Determine Gaps & Excess
Once we understand the current plans, our next step will be to identify opportunities in order to improve the financial efficiency of the offering and optimize the effectiveness of the benefits.

Identify Funding Options
The key with funding arrangements is to understand the trade-offs and then evaluate the risk tolerance of the decision makers. Funding options are discussed in greater detail in the "Healthcare Solutions" section of the Benefits Blueprint.

Present Alternative Plan Designs
There are numerous plan design options and the choice of one will be driven in large part by the discussion regarding the risk continuum. Some of the options are:

Of course within the options above there are multiple components we will evaluate such as copays, deductibles, coinsurance, Rx benefits (built in or carved out), etc.

Provide Recommendations
Objective analysis of the above data, supporting client input and applicable legal/legislative issues is followed by an unbiased recommendation that is designed to meet short-term and long-term goals. Ultimately, you the client choose the course of action you are most comfortable with for your organization.

Develop Implementation Cycle
Our unparalleled commitment to customer service begins with establishing a complete implementation cycle to ensure proper execution of the program. We will walk you through the implementation cycle, taking care of every aspect of the plan from your current assessment, to next year's assessment. Our knowledge and experience will help manage both the process and your involvement in the process.

Schedule Key Review/Education Periods
The increasing complexity of healthcare and health insurance necessitates a continuous evaluation of your benefits program. At Bond, we integrate this process within the framework of your business model through regular reviews with all decision makers. We then supplement this with ongoing employee education.

Implement Support Plan
At Bond, we function as an extension of your HR Department. We recognize the significant resources you invest in your benefits program and ensure that is communicated to employees. Employees that have a true understanding of their benefits package will place greater value on it. We believe employee education and employee advocacy are critical to the success of any program; these are further discussed in the "Education" and "Advocacy" sections of the Benefits Blueprint.

ACA Reporting
We’ve all heard about Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting, wondering what it would look like and how the implementation would affect us. Bond can help you through these new reporting requirements under section 6056 of the ACA, walk you through the actual IRS forms (1094-C and 1095-C) and assist you in developing strategies to track the required data, complete the forms and control your administrative burden. Reporting is only required for Applicable Large Employers (ALE) that employ 50 or more Full Time Equivalent employees (either directly or through a Controlled Group). If your company is an ALE, you need to address this issue. Contact us to find out how.