As part of your Benefits Blueprint, Bond provides education to make sure you get the most out of your benefits package. No one spends as much time educating both the employers and employees alike on the "benefits of their benefits" as we do at Bond Financial Network. Unlike traditional brokers, we operate as your "benefits department," providing ongoing educational services well beyond open enrollment.

Formal Seminars:
• ACA Reporting
• Healthcare Education
• Healthcare Reform - How it Affects YOU
•  The Benefits Blueprint

Educational Emails: Regular email blasts will keep you up-to-date and fully aware of the latest benefits issues.

Phone Support:
• Live Talk
• 24 Hour Maximum Response Window

Employer Educational Topics:
• Trends in Healthcare
• Rate Expectations
• Compliance
• Wellness
• Consumer Directed Healthcare

Open Enrollment: We provide customized open enrollment kits for all employer groups allowing them to focus on key issues and changes. The open enrollment meetings reinforce the messaging and allow for personal interaction.

Employee Portals: When working with Bond, you have the unique advantage of offering employees their own Benefits Portal. This portal, accessed through the Bond website, allows your employees to view forms, documents, calculators and presentations specific to your company. Employees can compare traditional plans to HSAs, access claims forms or determine HSA-eligible expenses. This portal is accessible by all of your employees, which means less time is spent by you answering questions regarding employee benefits. Contact us to view a demo!

Phone Support:
• Live Talk
• 24 Hour Maximum Response Window

Employee Educational Topics:
• Trends
• Plan Selection
• Plan Functionality
• How to Read Your EOB
• Tax Obligations
• Plan Utilization (ER Visit vs. Clinic, Mail Order Rx, Prior Approval)
• Medicare
• Wellness